About Us
Summary of Business

Established in January, 2004, Robotic Marine Systems is located in Gray, Maine as a provider of high quality robotic marine vehicles for use in research and defense related activities.  Robotic Marine Systems was started by an engineer with ten years of experience in the design and operation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and over twenty years of experience working on the design, fabrication and testing of various electro-mechanical systems used in the marine environment.  Robotic Marine Systems retains a strong affiliation with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Ocean Engineering Program at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Robotic Marine Systems has the ability to hire as necessary experts in various disciplines of robotics and computer programming through term and project specific contracts with certain personnel at MIT and other outside independent operations in order to fulfill contract and customer specific requirements.

Primary Lines of Business

Robotic Marine Systems' primary line of business is the production, operation and service of a line of small Autonomous Surface Craft, referred to as the SCOUT vehicle.  The SCOUT vehicle was initially designed as a low cost, easily deployed surrogate AUV for development of software and multiple vehicle operations offering significant cost savings and operational simplicity over equivalent underwater vehicles.  The SCOUT vehicle has evolved to become an autonomous surface vehicle with utility and benefits unique to it's size, flexibility and operational capability and as such has been sold commercially on it's own merits.  Future plans for Robotic Marine Systems include the development of a smaller, more lightweight ASC with capabilities including long term deployment and higher speed operations.  Other projects currently under development include a vehicle with specific capabilities suitable to use in the oil services industry, and a small survey vehicle for use in autonomous mapping of harbor and port regions.